Jewelry Care Instructions

Sterling silver

Sterling Silver 925 is a precious metal that is both durable and light weight, making it an ideal metal for jewelry that will be worn regularly. All of your jewelry is made from reclaimed sterling silver that is sourced within the USA.

Sterling Silver Care Instructions 

Tarnish is a normal chemical reaction that gradually darkens and dulls metals. A little care and your piece will stay looking like new. I recommend using a polishing cloth to bring your piece back to a shine. 

Ancient Bronze

Dating back to 3000 BCE, bronze is one of the oldest alloys. It has a warm golden color, which makes it an affordable alternative to gold. Our bronze is also sourced from a refinery within the USA.

Bronze Care Instructions 

Bronze is a alloy that contains copper and when exposed to moisture it can form a green patina. I recommend cleaning your piece with a little soap and warm water, fully drying with a soft cloth or using a polishing cloth.

If you’re sensitive to copper and still want to enjoy bronze, I recommend sealing your piece where it comes in contact with your skin. You can use clear nail polish, car wax or a clear protective coat.