Why jewelry?

The emotional connection is what I love about making jewelry. I thrive to make fine jewelry that will become a staple in your permanent collection and I hope each piece will be cherished until the day you decide to pass it down to your loved one. 

    Handcrafted to order.

    What sets me apart from other jewelers is that I don’t keep any inventory on-hand. This allows me to make your jewelry with intention, it gives my day-to-day more meaning and I enjoy the relationships that I’m able to develop along the way. If you want to see a sneak peek as I make your jewelry visit our 'Say Hello!' Page.   

    How is your jewelry made?

    All of your jewelry is hand fabricated using traditional and contemporary goldsmithing techniques.

    How is your casted jewelry made?

    Your casted jewelry is made using the traditional lost wax casting process. Each piece is hand craved in jewelers wax using files and cravers. A mold is made from the wax model and the wax is burned out. Molten metal is then poured directly into the mold creating a piece of new jewelry. Lastly, each piece is hand finished to a high shine.

    Where is your jewelry made?  

    Your jewelry is hand fabricated, finished and packaged in our studio in Santa Ana, California.  

    Who makes your jewelry?

    Ashley is an independent jeweler that specializes in modern designs made of silver. She established A Lloyd Jewelry in January of 2019 and since then it has become her full time passion. Ashley personally designs and fabricates all jewelry in her studio in Southern California.

    Our sterling silver.  

    Sterling Silver 925 is a precious metal that is both durable and light weight, making it an ideal metal for jewelry that will be worn regularly. All of your jewelry is made from reclaimed sterling silver that is sourced within the USA. 

      Our stones.

      Our stones are sourced from suppliers certified with the Responsible Jewellery Council. The RJC is dedicated to promoting the best environmental, ethical and social practices from mine to retail. 

      Our packaging materials. 

      All packaging materials are made from recycled materials that are biodegradable. I also made sure that they’re all made within the USA.

      Curious about our suppliers?

      I take pride in the materials and amazing suppliers that I work with. I think you’ll be happy to know they’re all independent businesses operating in the USA. List of our suppliers.

      Refer to FAQs & Policies for more info.